Big Data, Data Science and Predictive simulations

Exploring the value of data analysis using Machine learning as the heart of a technological and societal artificial intelligence revolution. Providing new functionalities on demand for multifactorial cases defined by standardization rules.

NFT & Digital Twin

Use our System Modeling to map real-world environments for create connected and dynamic replicas of your ecosystem and identify their properties, interconnections and relationships to create your own Simulation Digital Twins.

Posse algorithms & biomechanics

Explaining the dynamic of movement is our challenge. Deailed tools ready to read data about posse parameters and research about CoG behaviour and kinematics factors.


We get the 3rd prize in the II EBCite Program organized by the University of Seville! ✌️ 🏆Now yes, we are a company based on #knowledge!Thanks to the University of Seville for this recognition.We continue! More information 👇: